Changing Balances: China’s New Defence Strategies Part 3: Defence Expenditure November 1, 2019

The tension between the US and China in recent years has started to show itself in every field. Not only economically but also with its military presence in the region, China is challenging the United States and taking various steps to free its domination from external factors.

In this issue, we will evaluate the statements of the White Paper published by the People's Republic of China in July on defence expenditure.

The general argument of the document is that when it compared with other countries’ expenditures, China has been allocating less budget than others. The rates which may seem high must be considered according to the rate of its growing economy. It is specifying that defence expenditure as a percentage of GDP has fallen from a peak of 5.43% in 1979 to 1.26% in 2017.

Issue 79