Delay in Ocean Airspace Control

Delay in Ocean Airspace Control 2 August, 2019

The OneSKY programme to modernise and integrate Australia’s civil and defence air traffic management systems is running 10 years late and will cost more than double the original estimate to acquire, the Australian National Audit Office has reported. OneSKY is an advanced civil/military airspace integration project that intends to modernise Australian and associated oceanic airspace.

Australian airspace covers 11% of the globe and includes several of the world’s busiest air routes. In 2018, the Australian Defence Forces signed a contract with the Thales for the OneSKY program, worth approximately $ 949 million. The programme which aims to Australia's civil and military air traffic management systems into a single platform known as the civil-military air traffic control system (CMATS). Also, it aims to improve flight co-ordination, safely increase the use of airspace, optimise air traffic flow and to coordinate the Royal Australian Air Force with the civil air system safer.

OneSKY was declared a government ‘project of concern’ in August 2017.

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