Demir: Hisar A+ Coming

Demir: Hisar A+ Coming 9 September, 2020

Defence Industry President Prof. İsmail Demir shared information about the latest situation regarding HİSAR air Defence missile systems.

Demir visited the test range to follow the rocket competitions organized under the sponsorship of Roketsan and Tübitak SAGE within the scope of Teknofest and answered the questions of a television channel. Regarding Hisar-A, Demir said, “We shot a wide variety of shots in this area, there was one shot around 28-29 as I know it. Our Hisar-A and Hisar-O products have reached the maturity level. While Hisar-A was in the mass production phase, we saw that we would further improve the system by making a little more changes in range and altitude. Our friends at Roketsan worked on this issue. We evolved the existing Hisar-A into a new product that we call Hisar A +. Many elements of Hisar-O can be given in the field. Both HİSAR A and HİSAR O have reached a very good maturity level. "We started evolving Hisar-A towards Hisar A + mass production."

On the question of mass production, Demir replied, "We have a few critical materials during the mass production phase and will continue to be given to the field after solving a few problems related to them".

Published three weeks ago at Russian Army during the 2020 forum "Turkey has reached the second S-400 deal" explanations have been officially denied.

Demir announced that the second fleet's S-400 Air Defence Missile System (HSFS) procurement work continues. Reminding that negotiations for the supply of iron two systems have started, the first system has been supplied with ready purchase, “We have a series of road maps regarding the second system and there are various steps here. Some of these steps are co-production, some are technology transfer and some are payments. In principle, this agreement has been signed, but the details of technical steps are being studied. Shipment of the system etc. "It is not at the beginning stage, but in principle, it is agreed on this matter."

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