Demir: IDEF is Now Our Showcase

Demir: IDEF is Now Our Showcase 8 May, 2017

Once an event, in which foreign companies exhibited their products for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), IDEF has transformed into a fair, through which products in the TAF inventory were exhibited under the auspices of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). On the eve of this occasion, we came together with the SSM, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, to hear his personal evaluation of the sector. 

C4Defence: What is the SSM’s vision of and expectations from IDEF?
SSM Undersecretary Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir: Defence industry fairs create opportunities for introducing a country’s capabilities and examining participant countries’ products in order to meet national requirements. Perhaps ten years ago, companies used to come here wondering about what to sell to this country; but now, IDEF has become our “showcase.” IDEF is an exhibition, where we can introduce our products and show ourselves. We certainly participate in other fairs. However, the fact that we are the host country is what makes IDEF outstanding. Furthermore, we will be displaying our naval platforms. Most of the time, it is not very possible to bring such platforms to other exhibitions abroad. For this reason, we seek the purposes of demonstrating our presence in defence industry, underscoring Turkey’s status as a producer as well as exporter, and conducting negotiations with foreign companies on a business cooperation model. Turkey is simply no longer an importer. At each opportunity, we emphasise that companies should not come to Turkey only in pursuit of exports. It is also our target that, whenever we need a product, we must definitely engage in joint production. This is a position we have been defending for so long.

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