Demir: Journey of the Engine Started July 30, 2019

TUSAŞ Motor Industry based in Eskişehir Inc. (TEI) opened  Materials Testing and the Research Laboratory with a ceremony where President of Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir attended. Demir said, "Turkey has begun the motor trip. We will be able successfully reach our destiny in this journey.”


The Laboratory  is NADCAP accredited. Speaking at the opening ceremony Demir said Turkey started working on the engine 20 years ago, but he said that the rhetoric that Turkey has failed is not accurate. Professor Demir said in summary “There is no such thing. Turkey has begun the journey of the engine. I hope we will succeed in this journey. We are all aware of how important the material is to an engine. Especially when we talk about gas turbine engines, we are aware of the importance of high temperature materials and that the information on this subject is never too valuable and cannot be obtained from others on the floor. Our country has no patience to wait. We're swarming. The coming days, especially Turkey's defence industry should be much stronger in the sense that it reminds us again and again. As a result of many successful projects we have realized and realized in the defence industry, we see that there is a certain increase in self-confidence and ability acquisition in our country. As a result of these developments, we are on a journey from being a country that uses technology to a country that produces technology. One stage of this journey is the material testing research laboratory that we are here for. One of the most important steps of our original engine project that will supply power needs in Gökbey and similar class is the test centre we opened here ".


The newly opened laboratory will serve the Turbo Shaft Engine Development Project (TMGP). Within the scope of this project, the studies on the original design of TEI-TS1400 turboshaft engines, the design of parts and modules, and the development of a database containing the materials to which these parts will be produced, are continuing.


From the beginning of the project, sample based mechanical tests carried out from abroad will be carried out in TEI Material Testing and Research Laboratory.

Issue 79