Satellite Company might be founded

Satellite Company might be founded 28 June, 2020

President of Defence Industry Dr İsmail Demir signalled the foundation of new satellite company at the “Outbreak Process and Defence Industry” video conference he attended on June 26. Speaking on the Digital Gündem (Digital Agenda) publication, Demir mentioned the works carried out together with the informatics, telecom, satellite and cybersecurity sectors. Demir, shortly; TUSAŞ, TUBITAK and be established as a joint Turksat, Turkey gave signals of a new satellite company. Professor Demir said, “We think that a structure where satellites at various orbital levels, various sizes and capabilities can now be produced within this structure, whether it be communication or observation satellites. This issue was brought up by us from time to time. At this stage we speak clearly, these players, they came together and formed the structure, Turkey’s satellite companies have, “he said.


Demir stated that ULAK was launched in 2013 as an R&D project in the field of LTE. Dr Demir stated that ULAK A.Ş. was established under the leadership of SSB for investments in this field to turn into a product and meet the user without falling into the R&D dilemma. After that, ASELSAN and HAVELSAN also expressed their partnership with this company. Dr Demir underlined that their doors are open to anyone who wants to cooperate in this field and wants to be a partner of ULAK A.Ş.


Addressing the “Cyber ​​Hygiene project” SSB plans to introduce in the field of cybersecurity in the future, Demir said, “We have recently seen that our defence industry companies are under cyber attack. Instead of telling them, “Build your solutions, do something.” We bring a more general perspective and how we talk about hygiene in a pandemic environment. we are considering creating a guiding document. ”

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