F-35B Signal from Naval Forces

F-35B Signal from Naval Forces 1 May, 2019

As the Naval Command's Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) is on its way, it was revealed that the Navy is in need of trained jet pilots.

At IDEF'19 held in Istanbul, Italian company Leonardo and the Italian Air Force held a joint presentation at IDEF. The presentation gave information about the International Flight Training School (IFTS), which provides many types of flight training in the south of Italy. According to the statement, the cooperation of the duo, military pilots receive training for fixed and rotary wing platforms, as well as unmanned aerial platforms.

Leonardo uses M-345 for basic training, while M-346 is used for advanced training requirements for the aircraft group which includes jet aircraft.

After the presentation, an official from the Ministry of National Security rethe aviation school of minded that the Turkish Air Force and Land Forces was active. The official, who emphasised the LHD was being constructed, wanted to learn the possibilities for jet pilot training in the Navy. Although Turkey has not officially ordered, it is known that it wants to order at least 16 F-35Bs for LHD class ships of the Navy.

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