Marines Ordered UGV

Marines Ordered UGV 12 April, 2020

The use of unmanned systems become wider. In this context, a new system acquisition was announced.

The US Marine Corps (USMC) procured the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from FLIR Systems. In the announcement made on April 3, more than 140 system orders were placed in the purchase made within the scope of the Man Portable Robotic System Increment II (MTRS Inc II) Program. Acquisition costs 18.6 million USD.

Centaur robots ordered by USMC weighs 74 kg. The systems, which are installed in five minutes and ready for duty, can serve up to eight hours. Centaur;  can reach 6.5 km / h and climb 267 mm high obstacles. The system performs its tasks with a 1.9 meter long arm.

Marines Ordered UGV

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