Do Marines Abandon Tanks?

Do Marines Abandon Tanks? 26 March, 2020

The developing technology brings transformation in war doctrine.

Advances in guidance and fire control systems increase fire precision while reducing unwanted side effects. The US Marine Corps also signalled that warfare doctrines could be changed by taking advantage in parallel to requirements of modern battlefield. In a statement made on March 23 from the Corps; It was underlined that the change will continue in line with the needs of the age without getting tired. Along with the new concept, 12 thousand personnel will be saved for another assignments. Marine Expeditionary Force Structures will be reorganized and III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) will be established. The organization will be retrained and equipped within the framework of the new Sea Denial and Sea Control doctrines. Necessary manpower will be obtained from armoured battalions. Thus, Marine Corps will decrease in tank and mechanized power. The gap, which will be seen in future due to reorganisation in the fire support elements will be closed with long-range systems.

With the new reorganisation, it is aimed to increase the area denial effectiveness of the Marine Corps, without any serious increase in the staff size.

Do Marines Abandon Tanks?

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