Approval from Marine Corps

Approval from Marine Corps 10 June, 2019

The US Marine Corps (USMC) has announced that the approval of mass production has given for new radar system.

The mass production phase of the AN / TPS-80 system, also known as G / ATOR (Ground / Air Task-Oriented Radar System) is a significant milestone is for the program. G / ATOR, which will provide instant data transfer to Common Aviation Command and Control System, Composite Tracking Network, and Advanced Field Artillery Data System, incorporates a common software-based operating system. This multi-purpose system, which is expeditionary, short-medium range 3D radar that can detect, track and identify cruise missiles, manned / unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as rockets, artillery and mortar ammunition. The system is planned to have three different models as Block 1, Block 2 and Block 4. USMC plans to supply a total of 30 AN / TPS-80s.

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