New Vessel for the Submarine Fleet

New Vessel for the Submarine Fleet 6 April, 2020

Conventional and nuclear submarine programs continue throughout the world.

The US Navy continues the Virginia Class submarine process confidently. 18th Virginia was taken into the inventory on April 4, within the scope of the program, whose design process dates back to 1996. It was stated that USS Delaware (SSN 791), is the last Block III Virginia built in the program. The process will continue with Block IV model platforms.

Eight Block III Virginia were built under the program. Platforms are 115 meters long and 10.36 meters in diameter can dive to a depth of about 240 meters. The diving displacement of the submarines, which can reach a maximum of 34 knots per hour thanks to the nuclear propulsion system is 7,500 tons. Unlike the 12 single 21-inch Tomahawk tubes in Block I and Block II, Block IIIs have two 87-inch launch systems that have six missile capacities. The most important difference of the Block IV model submarines, which will begin to put in the inventory with USS Vermont (SSN 792), is that it requires half-life modernization three times instead of four like its predecessors.

New Vessel for the Submarine Fleet

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