Sea 1000 Off Track

Sea 1000 Off Track 12 March, 2020

Australia, which failed to hit the targets and take the final steps in the submarine procurement, is allegedly off track.

The Sea 1000 program, launched for the replacement of the Collins class submarines, near the end of their duties in the Royal Australian Navy, fell to the bottom. Planning to procure 12 French-made Scorpéne-class platforms at a cost of USD 80 billion, Australia is at risk of failing the project. In a report published in the country, the risk of the Australian industry being quite reluctant to join to the project and the indigenous participation requirement could not be met. In the program, in which Naval Group promised 90% local participation, the budget increased by 60% in the two-year period, brings "Did Australia miss the target?" question to mind.

Australia, on the other hand, has not taken a concrete step towards Saab's participation in the process, which still considers "Plan B". It is said that if Saab is involved in Sea 1000, an improved model of Collins class submarines can be developed.

Sea 1000 Off Track

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