Harpoon Returns to U.S. Submarines

Harpoon Returns to U.S. Submarines December 20, 2018

The US Navy continues to revive the Cold War precautions. In this respect, the navy decided to re-deploy the Harpoon missile to nuclear submarines.


The knowledge that tensions experienced in the China Sea necessitated this precaution is spoken in backstage. It has not yet been determined which model to use. It is announced that, negotiations have started with Boeing for integration to Los Angeles class submarines on the Navy's website.


In 1997, the US Navy launched the submarine-launching version of the Harpoon missiles. Submarines have since carried out their attacks on surface targets with torpedoes and Tomahawk missiles. But this year, USS Olympia (SSN 717) has made Harpoon launch off the Hawaii the first time since 21 years in the RIMPAC 18 exercise.

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