Search for Navy Jet Trainer

Search for Navy Jet Trainer 19 May, 2020

Countries with aircraft carriers using the CATOBAR system need advanced jet trainers suitable for the system in question during the training of navy pilots.

The US, the world's largest aircraft carrier user, has taken action for new advanced jet trainer planned to be procured to the Navy. In this context, Washington published an Request for Information Document on May 14. According to the document, the new platform, which will be used for FCLP (Field Carrier Landing Practice) does not have to be compatible with tasks such as catapult take-off and arrested landing. In the document, the features of the new aircraft being only suitable for the high sink rates and being able to touch-and-go to aircraft carrier were requested. The aircraft also needs to have a top speed of more than 0.84 Mach, 41,000 feet service ceiling, radar and sensor equipment, and also allowing the use of air-to-air and air-to-surface ammunition.

The US actively uses ship-based T-45C Goshawk aircraft for training of Marine Corps and Navy pilots.

Search for Navy Jet Trainer

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