Denizkurdu Spreads to Three Seas

Denizkurdu Spreads to Three Seas 13 May, 2019

One of the biggest exercises of Turkish Naval Forces Command, DENİZKURDU-2019 started simultaneously in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The aim of the exercise, which will be performed live fire drills, is increasing the level of readiness of the operation of the amphibious, maritime and naval air units operating under the Naval Forces Command.

110 ships, maritime patrol aircraft, naval helicopters, UAV, marines, SAT and SAS elements are participating in the exercise from the Turkish Navy. In addition to these, the Turkish Army is participating in the utility and attack helicopter and the Air Force is participating in the exercise with E-7T Peace Eagle aircraft. Within the scope of the exercise, Coast Guard Command also takes part with the Dost class search and rescue corvette, Coast Guard Boots, helicopters and patrol planes. A total of 131 surface vessels, 57 airplanes, 33 helicopters and approximately 25,900 personnel participate in the exercise. It is planned to include state institutions and organizations during the search and rescue phase of the exercise, in which the live fire drills will be executed. In addition, the Multinational Maritime Safety Center of Excellence (MARSEC COE), a member of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, continues to contribute to the drill scenario.

Denizkurdu Spreads to Three Seas

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