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29.12.2017 13:15

DF-17 Tests by China

China's first hypersonic glide vehicle-equipped missile DF-17 has been tested in November, the Diplomat reports. 

According to a U.S. government source who described recent intelligence assessments on the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) on the condition of anonymity, China recently conducted two tests of a new missile known as the DF-17. The first test took place on November 1 and the second test took place on November 15.

During the November 1 test flight, which took place from the Jiuquan Space Launcher Center in Inner Mongolia, the missile’s payload flew to a range of approximately 1,400 kilometres with the HGV flying at a depressed altitude of around 60 kilometres following the completion of the DF-17’s ballistic and reentry phases.

HGVs begin flight after separating from their ballistic missile boosters, which follow a standard ballistic trajectory to give the payload vehicle sufficient altitude. The missile is expected to be capable of delivering both nuclear and conventional payloads. 

The DF-17, per current U.S. intelligence assessments, is expected to reach initial operating capability around 2020.


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