Diver’s Training and Rescue Boats Delivered to Navy

Diver’s Training and Rescue Boats Delivered to Navy 23 August, 2020


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the New Naval Systems Delivery Ceremony held at the Desan Shipyard in Tuzla. Erdogan said that an aircraft carrier should be built to act as a deterrent.

President Erdogan said, "Our goal is to build a defence industry development and production infrastructure that will not be needed from outside in any critical area."

President Erdogan made a historic call for the aircraft carrier and said the following words: “The weapons and radars of our marine vehicles are equipped with national products. I say let's build the second and third aircraft carriers after Anatolia. We need to move to the next level. Turkey, is one of 10 countries in the world that can design and produce its own warships.

Erdogan said, "Today, we are bringing 2 Diver’s Training and Rescue Boats, 2 Fast Patrol Attack boats and 8 Multirole Tactical Platforms to the Navy." He spoke in the form.

"In the defence industry, we need to move to a higher stage that is followed, not followed, producing not consuming, pioneering the new." Erdogan said, "Our goal is to reach the level where our land, air and sea elements, including UAV, SİHA, UAV, as well as unmanned and autonomous marine vehicles, will perform a joint task." used the expressions.

Diver’s Training and Rescue Boats Delivered to Navy

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