Dog-Cheap Jet UAV

Dog-Cheap Jet UAV 9 June, 2020

For jet-engined unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are regarded as the striking power of the future, both in terms of their payload capacity and their high speed, long-range capabilities.

Different countries are working on jet-engined unmanned aerial vehicles, which are considered as the state of the art platforms. One of these sides is Russia with S-70 Okhotnik. The platform, which made its maiden flight in August 2019, came to the agenda with its very low cost. In a news article published in the Russian newspaper Izvestia, the insurance cost of the platform developed under the contractor of the MiG company was shared. The insurance contract value of the first prototype of the system and ground control station was announced as 1 billion 500 million Russian Rubles. This amount is equal to approximately 21.98 million USD when calculated at today's exchange rate.

The system, which is estimated to decrease the initial acquisition costs by 40 to 50 percent when the mass production phase is started, offers a price-performance ratio where its Western counterparts will find it difficult to compete.

The S-70 Okhotnik, whose maximum take-off weight is 20,000 kilograms, is propelled by Saturn AL-31F or AL-41 turbofan engine according to open source data. It is estimated that the UAV, which is stated to have a 2,000 kilograms capacity of weapons and ammunition, can serve an operational diameter of a maximum of 6,000 kilometres.

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Dog-Cheap Jet UAV

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