Domestic Anti-Dron System

Domestic Anti-Dron System 7 April, 2020

The rapid increase and widespread use of mini UAVs in the battlefield, urges countries to take different measures. Turkey also maintains the necessary work in this area.

Within the scope of the anti-drone system need of the Turkish Armed Forces, the delivery of "İHASAVAR" systems developed by ASELSAN continues to the armed forces. The Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), which is government agency of the defence industry of Turkey, announced that the system delivery process  continues with "Deliveries of # IHASAVARs produced by Aselsan within the scope of the Portable Jamming System Project for Mini / Micro UAVs continue to our security forces." the phrase.

IHASAVAR anti-drone RF jamming system was developed by ASELSAN. The system produced for the protection of areas such as military bases, public buildings and critical buildings and strategic points intercepts the flying of mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by active jamming. The system, which offers the opportunity to elimination of the systems as soon as they are seen, can perform its duty with a different jamming profile thanks to its high gain directional antenna and programmable digital frequency synthesizers. İHASAVAR can jam all bands with a single system. The rechargeable hardware is also capable of broadcasting for 1.5 hours with a single battery.

Domestic Anti-Dron System

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