Domestic Guidance Kit Test

Domestic Guidance Kit Test 7 April, 2020

The Turkish defence industry is continuing its decisive steps despite the worldwide pandemic.

Tübitak SAGE announced that a successful trial was carried out recently. Within the scope of the tests, the Winged Guidance Kit (Kanatlı Güdüm Kiti / KGK) developed by the institution was released from the 401th Test Squadron aircraft operating within the Turkish Air Force. "TUBITAK SAGE continues to contribute to our national defence industry with high-security measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the support of our Air Force 401st Test Squadron Command." The description was included within tweet of official Twitter account.

The KGK is converting existing unguided 500 lb Mk 82 and 1000 lb Mk 83 general-purpose free-fall bombs into air-to-surface long-range ammunition. Thus, the existing bombs have the capability to precisely strike in any weather. Depending on the release altitude and speed, the KGK can reach a range of 100 kilometres. In this way, user aircraft can release the bombs safely away from enemy air defence threats without entering the dangerous area. Systems with capabilities such as selectable attack angle, attack to opportunity targets, and waypoint follow capability have been certified to F-16C Blok 40 and F-4E 2020 Terminator aircraft.

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Domestic Guidance Kit Test

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