USN Detailed Requirements

USN Detailed Requirements 11 July, 2017

The US Navy is looking to add a new multimission guided-missile frigate into its assets with the RFI issued on 10 July. The navy, who wants the ship to be equipped with the latest combat and mechanical systems, expects the vessel to be able to fully integrate with a carrier strike group as much as to operate independently in high-end threat environments. 

The navy, who needs a cost- and time-effective solution, chose to proceed over a current design in order to achieve these objectives. Designated as FFG(X), the project intends to develop a vessel which is able to engage over-the-horizon surface ships, to carry out anti-submarine warfare capability, high self-defence capabilities with the ability to protect convoy ships and to employ active and passive electronic warfare systems as well as the ability to launch a single MH-60R Seahawk helicopter. The US Navy intends to award the contract for the first FFG(X) in 2020.

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