DSRV to Rescue Indian Submarines

DSRV to Rescue Indian Submarines 19 October, 2018

India has completed trials of the newly acquired submarine rescue system. During trials, vehicle strength and rescue capabilities were tested. DSRV system is procured from UK and dive to a depth of 666 meters during tests. It was reported that this depth was the deepest point that a manned vehicle could dive in Indian waters.

The Indian Navy bought two DSRVs in 2016 with an agreement of US $ 270 million. There are also two DSAR-650L DSRVs, the Launch and Recovery System (LARS), the Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) and the SMT Atom remote controlled vehicle and the EdgeTech 4200 towed sonar. The system, which will be used in the rescue operations of the crew members of disabled submarines, can operate three personnel and rescue 14 people each time.

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