Dutch-German tank battalion receives first Leopards

Dutch-German tank battalion receives first Leopards 31 May, 2018

The German Army's Panzerbataillon (Armour Battalion) 414, which includes a Dutch tank company, received its first 17 Leopard 2A6MA2 tanks. The remaining 16 main battle tanks are scheduled to be delivered to the battalion in Lohheide, northern Germany, by the end of June.

Panzerbataillon 414, which the German and Dutch armies began forming in 2015, comes under the command of the Royal Netherlands Army's 43 Mechanised Brigade, which is in turn part of the German 1st Panzer Division.

Panzerbataillon 414's German Leopard 2s will also be upgraded to the 2A6MA2 standard and equipped with ELIAS so they can operate with 43 Mechanised Brigade, bringing the total number of tanks to be upgraded to 48.

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