E-7A Wedgetail Replacement Program

E-7A Wedgetail Replacement Program 16 July, 2020

A new study has been launched for the future of E-7A Wedgetails, one of the most modern airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft.

The first step was taken for the E-7A Wedgetail replacement, which has been active for more than five years on the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) inventory. In this context, a new selection and procurement plan has been determined based on the service life of the platforms. In the first phase of the process called AIR7002, which will start in 2029, scope determination and risk reduction studies will be carried out. As a result of the results obtained from here, technology options and base aircraft candidates to be used in the new platform will be determined. Then, in the second half of the 2030s, new AEW&C platforms will begin to enter the inventory.

The AIR5077 Project Phase 6 for the E-7As currently in use is ongoing. Examining modern battlefield requirements and varying combat dimensions, RAAF decided to increase the capabilities of the existing six aircraft fleet. In this context, an improvement work of 1.6 to 2.4 billion USD will be carried out for the platforms that are currently in active use. Following the completion of AIR5077 Phase 6 in 2028, the AIR7002 process will be launched.

The Turkish Air Force also has four E-7T Peace Eagle platforms in its inventory. Aircraft actively deployed are the eyes and ears of the Turkish Air Force in the sky in forward regions.

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