Ejder Yalcin Delivery to Qatar

Ejder Yalcin Delivery to Qatar 27 May, 2020

The Turkish defence industry continues its exports and deliveries, even during COVID-19 process.

Operating in Ankara, Nurol Makina continues to deliver armoured vehicles to Qatar. In addition to Turkey, production and deliveries are continuing of the platform used in many different countries. In this context, it was reflected in the media that the company delivered additional Ejder Yalcin within the framework of the current agreement, and that some of these vehicles are in an ambulance configuration.

Ejder Yalcin, which has a high off-road capability thanks to its 4x4 power transfer system and suspension, has a welded steel body structure. The vehicle distributes the shock wave of IEDs and anti-tank mines exploding under the vehicle thanks to its V-shaped hull structure. Thanks to the shock-absorbing seats and special structure that reduces the effect of the blast, the platforms emphasize the safety of the personnel. Ejder Yalcin, powered by 300 BG Cummins diesel engine, can reach 110 km / h speed and 600 km operation range. The maximum combat weight of the platform is 16 tons.

Ejder Yalcin Delivery to Qatar

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