Electric Motorbike Trials

Electric Motorbike Trials 1 August, 2020

New Zealand, which has been on the agenda with the acquisition of new armoured vehicles and patrol platforms in the past weeks, continues its efforts to catch the technology of the future from this day.

According to the statement made by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), the country started trials with electric motorcycles under the military requirements. The final decision will be determined after the trials for platforms where their suitability for military use is tested.

With a weight of 65 kilograms, the motorcycle is lighter than many military motorcycles and has two engines that enable all-wheel drive. Platforms with a braking structure that enables energy recovery can reach 120 km distance with a single charge. Within the scope of the trials carried out by the Army, Navy and Air Force separately; camouflage painting, additional battery packs, spare parts and trailers are among the tested equipment.

The platforms produced by Ubco company located in Tauranga; it is foreseen to be used in missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance and airfield safety.

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