New Concept from ElectroLand Defence

New Concept from ElectroLand Defence 12 September, 2020

ElektroLand Defence has developed a new operational concept for unmanned land platform 6x6 BOĞAÇ. The module, which can be remotely commanded and carrying a stretcher, has been integrated into the BOĞAÇ for use in the mission of the evacuation of wounded in the conflict zone.

The land platform, which has been converted into a "Remote Commanded Wounded Evacuation Vehicle", will be sent to the injured in cases where the conflict continues and the entry of rescue/medical teams is risky.

The remote-commanded module (lift system) on BOĞAÇ, which will jointly perform with the bomb disposal robot TMR-II Çetin (or TMR-II Kutlu), which is currently stationed in Libya, will be brought down along with a stretcher. TMR-II Cetin or TMR-II Kutlu will then pull the stretcher and extend the height of the injured person lying on the ground.

The way the concept is carried depends on the health of the injured. If the injured is conscious, he will be on a stretcher himself and the vacuum stretcher will be taken to the vehicle in remote command and taken to the injured safe zone.

If the injured person is unconscious or unable to move, but if he has friends who can help him, he will be placed on a stretcher with their help and taken to the vehicle with this module and removed from the area. If the injured can't move and there is no one who can take him on a stretcher, TMR-II Cetin will step in again at this point and pull the injured on to the stretcher.

The Remote Command Vehicle, which is two kilometres away from command, takes the injured out of the area in an average of four minutes.

New Concept from ElectroLand Defence

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