Embraer Wavering Again

Embraer Wavering Again December 28, 2018

Embraer wavered again. Brazilian Court has recently revoked on administrative measures for the second time.

With the new decision, plans for the merger of Embraer's commercial division and Boeing were once again denied. So the deal is back on the table. The agreement required for the marriage of the two companies was made available to the competent authorities after the negotiations were approved by both companies. However, according to the objection filed presented by four members of the Brazilian Workers Party, merger agreement revoked. The court ruling was recently lifted and hopes for Embraer have sprouted again.

The merger of Boeing and Embraer will not only be an appeal to the civilian market. The KC-390 military transport aircraft project, which has already been under development and testing for a long time in the absence of merger and so on, and which has already received a finalized order from a number of countries, will face the risk of ending without putting into inventory.

Embraer Wavering Again

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