Retired Missiles Return to Duty

Retired Missiles Return to Duty 14 August, 2020

Ukraine, which is in conflict with Russia in the eastern part of the country, has decided to reactivate Cold War-era missiles.

According to the statement made by the Ukrainian Air Force, the country started to re-taking the S-125 (NATO Code: SA-3 Goa) air defence missiles, which were manufactured in the facilities of the Soviet Union during the Cold War and were retired in the past years into inventory. The missiles, which were stated to have been phased out in 2013, also participated in the exercise held in the Kharkiv Region in the past weeks.

Reactivated for the protection of critical facilities and public buildings, the S-125s can be engaged with all types of land and surface targets that can be radar-locked. The ammunition, which can be carried in ready to fire condition in double or quad sleds on ZiL trucks, can also be used with fixed launchers.

The systems that were first deployed around Moscow between 1961-1964, works together with P-15 (NATO Code: Flat Face) target detection, SNR-125 (NATO Code: Low Blow) tracking, fire control and guidance radar, PRV-11 (NATO Code: Side Net) altitude metering systems. The system, whose effective range and altitude vary according to the type of missile used, can be effective at a 35 kilometres maximum range and 59,000 feet altitude. The missiles, propelled by a solid-fuel rocket engine, have a proximity fuze system and a 60-kilogram fragmentation warhead in the V-601 missile.

Retired Missiles Return to Duty

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