New Anti-Tank to Old Helicopter

New Anti-Tank to Old Helicopter 18 August, 2020

Anti-tank missiles are the most important punch of helicopters against armoured elements. The systems, which have become an inseparable duo since the day attack helicopters took part in the battlefield, continue to develop.

Cameroon reinforces its attack helicopter power with Ukrainian missiles. According to reports in the Russian and Ukrainian media, the country received the Bar'er-V helicopter-launched anti-tank missile from Ukraine. There is information based on open sources that the total cost of 38 RK-2V Bar'er-V anti-tank missiles together with two 524-RE electro-optical targeting systems is 2.41 USD for the country.

The RK-2V, a laser-guided missile, was designed by Luch. The systems were developed for launch from Mi-24/35 and Mi-8/17 helicopters. The system, which can reach an effective range of 7,000 metres, can penetrate 800 mm armour located behind the ERA. The RK-2V has a diameter of 130 mm and a ready-to-fire weight of 47.1 kilograms.

New Anti-Tank to Old Helicopter

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