ESSM Modernization

ESSM Modernization 22 November, 2018

US Navy, to carry out a new modernisation for RIM-162 ESSM Block 2 systems. Works will be performed by Naval Surface Warfare Center.

US Navy’s Mk132 guided missile launch systems (GMLS) will be modernized. Port Hueneme Division will manage the modernization process. In this way, GMLS systems will be capable of firing ESSM (Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile).

ESSM system is developed from RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile and put into service in 2003. The system, which is in use in 15 countries, including the Turkish Navy, has semi-active radar guidance. Missile can reach a maximum speed of 3,6 Mach and has an effective range of 30 kilometers.

ESSM Modernization

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