Eurasia Airshow Wants to be “The Best” in The Region 15 February, 2020

Eurasia Airshow, which was held in 2018 for the first time, will be held again. The space theme will be added to its content. Before the fair to be held in April, we talked to Capital Exhibition Board Chairman Hakan Kurt about the point, goals and projects from 2018 to today.

C4Defence: You aim to beat the performance of Dubai Airshow. Performance targets can be determined in many aspects of fairs. What is the performance criterion you use when compared with Dubai?

Capital Exhibition Chairman Hakan Kurt: Every country has its criteria. Very similar measures, there are no features that change according to the fair. I make this distinction for airshows as follows: There are two big airshows. One is Le Bourget Paris, and the other is Farnborough. Apart from these, there is no more significant event commercially entering the definition of airshow in the world. There are places where these two diverge.

Issue 86