Eurasia Airshow Aims at $40m Target

Eurasia Airshow Aims at $40m Target 2 October, 2017

Although aviation is traditionally separated into commercial and military, these two are in fact highly intermingled. An organisation in the scope of Eurasia has never been launched in Turkey, despite great enthusiasm for aviation in this country. The undertaking will be a major event not only with respect to the deals to be signed but also for potential employment opportunities it bears. This time, Turkey will demonstrate itself in the sector with a different vision. We discussed with Ferhat Yenibertiz, CEO of the Eurasia Airshow, as to what Eurasia plans for and aims at.

C4Defence: To begin with, would you specify the necessity which brought forth Eurasia?

Eurasia Airshow CEO, Ferhat Yenibertiz: When you look at the gist of Eurasia Airshow, it was clear from the very outset that it was not and would not be an ordinary project. Upon the decision to launch the initiative, we immediately sought Turkish Presidency’s patronage; in such projects, the critical factor is the requirement of state support. Project evaluation process lasted for about three to four months. The project underwent very detailed examinations with respect to its prospective value contributions to the country. Presentation was made before the assessment council, which then questioned the scope of business volume it could beget, the number of potential visitors and the reliability of the system in handling such a massive endeavour. As a team, we went through a long and arduous work. In other words, we shouldered a very qualified responsibility. At the moment, expectations are high for the project to reach success. In the framework of preparations before and during the fair, we are discussing all the main issues together to create a roadmap. For example, security is extremely important. On this case, we will work in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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