Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors

Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors April 7, 2018

Seeking to establish a bridge between Europe and Asia in the area of aviation, Eurasia Airshow will take place for the first time in April 25-29, 2018. 

To be organised at Antalya International Airport, the Airshow has the objective to create a new market in the area of military and civilian aviation. The event also plans to make the most of the advantage provided by its geostrategic location, which requires only three hours’ flight to reach approximately 55 countries extending from Europe to Asia. The ultimate target is to create a business volume of about $10bn in civilian and military aviation. 

Throughout the Airshow, solo and team aerobatics performances by military and civilian pilots will leave their imprint. Among the aerobatic display teams are Turkish Stars featuring F-5 aircraft, together with Solotürk and F-16s. There are also the Mig-29 from Poland and Gripen from Czechia. During the event, manned and unmanned air platforms will make separate demonstrations. Among the air vehicles whose participation was confirmed, some other platforms in military and police service are as follows: S70, AB 412, Bell-429, UH-60.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe closely AN-70, AN-178, Alenia C-27J Spartan, AW101, M346, C-295M, Mİ-17 and CN-235. The Airshow will also host various activities in commercial aviation as well as a symposium on female aviators. 

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