Russian Day at Eurasia Airshow

Russian Day at Eurasia Airshow January 30, 2020

Aiming to build the Eurasian market within the framework of Turkey, Eurasia Airshow will be held in Antalya this year. Hakan Kurt, Eurasia Airshow Senior Manager, said that Russia is the biggest participant of this year's fair and added, “We will make the third day of our fair ‘Russian Day’”. Kurt announces that the request came from Russian authorities. Kurt also said that Pakistan, which was not a participant last year, will be at the forefront by taking its place this year.

Eurasia Airshow will host many innovations this year. F/A-18 Hornet will be the first time in Turkey during the event. In addition to platforms such as Eurocopter, Sikorsky S70, T129 ATAK, Mi-38, JF-17 Thunder, Su-35 and Ilyushin II-76 aircraft will also be at the fair.

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