Eurojet pulled back from TF-X tender

Eurojet pulled back from TF-X tender 12 December, 2017

One of the participants who competed to provide engines for Turkey's National Combat Aircraft (T-FX) program pulled back. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, Eurojet Consortium, the manufacturer of the EJ200 engine which powers the Eurofighter aircraft, will not submit to the tender. The Germany-based Eurojet Consortium has long been debating this decision. The company participated in the tender offering a EJ200 adapted to the requirements of Turkey, and adopted a business model that would enable the company to seize the opportunity to use the same engine on Eurofighter if the requested development matches that of Eurofighter’s. When Turkey’s requirements from the companies changed, the consortium came to a point that it questioned the decision to participate in the tender. In July, Turkey set a workshop to define new conditions for the contender companies to design the engine for T-FX from scratch. First RfP and second RfP demanded different products. Eurojet did not provide a formal reply for the latest version of RfP since company did not see a reason to develop a new engine while there is already a good one. The company, however, prefers to remain silent on the issue. It can be assumed from this lack of comment that the consortium may participate in the tender if some of the requirements recently adopted become invalid.
The EJ200 engine was developed based on the Rolls-Royce XG-40 engine. The Eurojet Consortium consists of Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines, Avio Aero and ITP.

Eurojet pulled back from TF-X tender

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