European Export Tank

European Export Tank 11 June, 2018

The French (Nexter Defence Systems) and German (KMW) partnered KNDS Group introduced their first joint production vehicles. Introduced at Eurosatory 2018 Fair, the system called EMBT (European Main Battle Tank) was developed in less than three years.

Developed primarily for the export market, the platform is integraton of the Leopard 2A7 engine, chasis and hull and the compact tower with light and automatic loading system of the French Leclerc tank. Managed by a crew of three, EMBT provides a weight saving of 10%. The platform, which can be described as a mix of proven technologies, was designed by targeting the main battle tank market as a solution that can be quick response in high density areas. It is also described as a capability acquisition project for the Modern Ground Combat System (MGCS) and the Common Indirect Fire System (CIFS), which are France and Germany joint projects.

European Export Tank

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