Eurosam: We Offer the Best 3 June, 2019

As negotiations with the Chinese company had been continuing in the Long Range Air Defence System Tender of Turkey (T-Loramids), another set of negotiations was initiated with Eurosam. While the negotiations with China have not led anywhere, the negotiations with Eurosam have led to a different point than planned. Eurosam Commercial Manager Philippe de Masfrand shared the process and the current status with C4Defence.


The company predicts that the negotiations with China will fall apart and proposed an offer that includes Turkey, Italy and France instead of T-Loramids. This offer was along the same line as T-Loramids but provides much wider content. The state cancelled T-Loramids programme and decided to meet this requirement through national sources, which meant that a programme with three countries was out of question. Masfrand then tells us that a new set of negotiations with ASELSAN and ROKETSAN was needed: “We decided to offer an advanced version of the French-Italian system to the Presidency for Defence Industries. The agreement for this modernisation programme named B1NT had already been signed between these two countries and welcomed the Turkish industry’s participation.”

Issue 86