Eva Displayed

Eva Displayed May 21, 2018

Slovakia based Konstrukta Defense has introduced an 8x8 version of a 155-millimeter 52-caliber howitzer. The vehicle is also known as the export version of the 6x6 Truck Mounted Gun (TMG / Truck Mounted Top).

The joint production of 8x8 TMGis redesigned version of, Konstrukta Defense and Czechoslovak Group (CSG) companies the 6x6 TMG system which introduced in 2015 The vehicle, 11.5 meters long, is integrated on the Tatra T815-7 8x8.1R truck. The platform, which can be managed by a crew of three, has a 30 kW auxiliary power unit, and it can fire all NATO standard ammunition. 8x8 TMG, can be carried by A400M, Il-76 aircraft.

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