Extra Strength to Russian Soldier: Exoskeleton

Extra Strength to Russian Soldier: Exoskeleton 27 January, 2019

Russian media has released photos of an advanced military exoskeleton, designed to help soldiers carry heavy equipment.

According to images published by RIA Novosti news agency, the equipment is designed for army engineers and sappers but may be used by other troops as well.

The exoskeleton helps soldiers to carry heavy objects as it protects their joints and spine, effectively absorbing most of the weight, the designers say.

After field testing, the exoskeleton was used by Russian army engineers battle field according to ‘GB Inzhiniring’, the company which designed the device together with TsNIITochMash.

“One officer, who had the exoskeleton on, carried a 35-kilogramm portable control panel for the Uran-6 mine-clearing robot for nine hours and was barely tired.”

Made out of light metals and carbon fibre, the exoskeleton itself weighs about 7kg. It enables a wearer to carry up to 70kg (155 lbs) on a special platform attached to their shoulders. The company notes that it will allow a person to transport heavy weapons, like automatic grenade launchers or mortars with 12 shells.


The exoskeleton can be also helpful while evacuating the wounded and can assist troops during long-distance speed marches. It looks cumbersome, but is actually easy to use and provides “full movability,” Smaglyuk said.

One “can bend over, turn around, walk fast and even run” in it, he told the media.

 “It gets adjusted to the height once, and doesn’t require [any more] maintenance and tweaking… It’s fool-proof.”

Serial production of exoskeletons will start this year.






Extra Strength to Russian Soldier: Exoskeleton

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