Eyes of India on US F-35s 3 September, 2020

According to Eurasian Times, India may prefer the US's F-35 to the French Rafael. This controversy started to arise in India when the US started considering selling the F-35 to the UAE. India may want to see fifth-generation fighter jets amid ongoing tension with China.

4.5 generation French Rafale warplanes are known as a powerful aircraft. The twin-engine, canard-delta-wing aircraft is equipped with a wide variety of weapons and has the firepower to perform multi-role air-to-air, air surface assault operations and nuclear deterrent missions.

However, it cannot go unnoticed on the radar as F-35s. India is experiencing tensions on both fronts with Beijing and Islamabad on both sides, and the US wants to corner China and support its regional allies,

In 2018, there were reports in the Indian media that the Indian Air Force was interested in the F-35, asking Lockheed Martin to provide information about the F-35's capabilities.

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