F Variant Javelin on Serial Production

F Variant Javelin on Serial Production 26 May, 2020

The production process of FGM-148 Javelin missiles, which is a successful system with ease of use, low weight and compact structure, but also has the title of being one of the most expensive anti-tank missiles, continues.

The joint venture of Raytheon Missiles and Defence and Lockheed Martin companies, Javelin partnership, announced that the F model of FGM-148 Javelin missiles entered mass production. The systems, which are stated to replace the FGM-148E Block 1 variant, will be delivered to Poland and Ukraine as well as the USA.

Main difference of FGM-148F, is war head compared to its predecessors. The HEAT type payload carried by the system was only effective against armoured targets until the F model. With the improved fragmentation steel component included by MPWH (Multi Purpose WarHead), Javelins gained the ability to use against enemy infantry elements and soft targets. Additionally, the weight of the launcher called CLU (Command Launch Unit) has been reduced.

The US Army Missile and Aviation Research, Development and Engineering (AMRDEC) Command stated that new equipment was developed because the warhead of systems was inadequate in the experience gained in Afghanistan. FGM-148 Javelin are used in many countries, including Turkey.

F Variant Javelin on Serial Production

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