F-16 Block 70 Agreement Signed

F-16 Block 70 Agreement Signed 14 December, 2018

Lockheed Martin signed an agreement. With this, one more country become a F-16 Block 70/72 user. With a procurement agreement worth € 1.6 billion, Slovakia has finalized the purchase of F-16s.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony attended by Slovak Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš and Lockheed Martin Vice President Ana Wugofski. Agreement covers a total of 14 aircraft, necessary equipment, logistic support and training activities for personnel. All of the platforms will be delivered towards the end of 2023. The Bratislava administration will receive 12 single and 2 double seater variants. The first four aircraft will be delivered in 2022. The remaining 10 platforms will reach the country in 2023. The staff of 160 people will be trained in the USA.


Commenting on the procurement process, the Slovak Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš said that Slovakia would be in full compliance with NATO and EU countries and to remove MiG-29 aircraft with the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircrafts.

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