TOPGUN Title to F-35C Lightning II

TOPGUN Title to F-35C Lightning II 5 July, 2020

The F-35C Lightning II, which is expected to reshape the aircraft carrier-based fixed-wing force dimensions with its fifth-generation capabilities, will also serve with the top aviators.

The first group trainees selected among the pilots of the F-35C Lightning IIs in the US Navy inventory completed the TOPGUN course, the most extensive combat training process of the US Navy. Thus, volatile personnel affiliated with VFA-125 (Strike Fighter Squadron-125 "Rough Raiders") and VFA-147 (Strike Fighter Squadron-147 "Argonauts"); were become the F-35C Lightning II pilots who received the first TOPGUN rank of the navy. SFTI (Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor), held at NAWDC (Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center) located in Fallon Naval Air Station based in Nevada, lasted 13 weeks. In the process, also known as TOPGUN among the people, pilots underwent intensive air combat training accompanied by experienced instructors. Thanks to this, it is aimed to experience significant improvements in the combat capabilities of both pilots and squadrons.

The "Rough Riders" Squadron is home to both the US Navy and the Marine Corps Pilots.

TOPGUN Title to F-35C Lightning II

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