Private Island for F-35 Lightning II

Private Island for F-35 Lightning II 14 August, 2020

Japan, which changing its military structure and defence industry understanding due to the increasing Chinese threat in the West, is establishing a new military base.

Having bought Mage Island from a private company in November 2019 150 million USD cost, Japan decided to establish a base in the region. The island, which is announced to have 150 to 200 Japanese military personnel, will serve twice a year for the training requirements of the US Navy air elements. It is also stated that Tokyo is planning to use the island as a training base for F-35B Lightning IIs will add to its inventory in the future, which some of have already been ordered and MV-22B Ospreys.

It has been announced that there will be advanced fuel storage and distribution system on the base, which is stated to have two runways, as well as hangar, ammunition storage and port facilities for ships.

Mage Island, located in Kagoshima Region, is also known as Mageshima. The land, which has no civilian population, came to the fore for the purpose of storing depleted nuclear fuel rods, but this plan was cancelled in 2003. Mageshima, which has a total area of ​​8.2 square kilometres, is suitable for being an airbase thanks to its flat topography.

Private Island for F-35 Lightning II

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