Plan F-35 Canceled

Plan F-35 Canceled October 7, 2019

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) will not purchase the F-35 fighter jets owing to its new policy of buying defence hardware only if allowed participation in the software development programme. According to the new "Concept of Project Requirements (COPR)" policy, the air force will purchase defence and strategic hardware only if it is allowed to take part in the development of the software used to operate the products. "We are implementing a 'pur­chase-and-develop' policy in our procurement plans, which we intend to begin enforcing in the next 3-5 years," Air force commander ACM Maanat Wongwat was quoted. A source at the RTAF said the air force is preparing to set up a committee to draft the COPR for the purchase of a new fleet of fighter jets, which will be announced when the RTAF begins looking for potential jet suppliers.These new fighter jets will be purchased to replace the old fleet of 103 F-16 fighter jets that have been in service for more than three decades, said the source.

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