F-35 to Fly with Cruise Missile

F-35 to Fly with Cruise Missile 19 March, 2020

Although many sectors are disrupted by COVID-19, many processes in the defence continue to proceed as planned.

F-35 Lightning aircraft, whose effectiveness is still causing controversy, will strengthen the stealt feature of itself with the cruise missile. Raytheon and Kongsberg, who are currently working on integration, announced that the F-35s will start flying with JSM in the last period of 2020. JSMs have low radar cross-section area like the carrier platform, will offer a significant power factor to the aircraft in question.

The missiles, which can fit in the F-35's internal weapons stations, have an advanced infrared scanner. Thanks to the multi-band infrared imaging system, the system is able to scan with a wide viewing angle and track many elements. Developed for use in areas where GPS is not available, JSM also includes features such as new target selection and cancellation of attack thanks to its Link 16 connection. In addition to the internal weapon bays, the system is suitable for carrying under wing weapon stations gun stations.

JSM first started flying tests with F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft in 2018.

F-35 to Fly with Cruise Missile

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