F-35 Will Kept Under Tent November 11, 2017

The first three F-35 Lightning IIs supplied for the Royal Norwegian Air Force landed at Norway's Ørland Air Force Base. According to the information received, a planning mistake was made regarding hangars to be built for aircraft. The planes will be kept in a tent as the hangars worth $250 million could not be completed. Speaking to Norwegian Adresseavisen newspaper, Major Aage Lyder Longva stated that the tents were a temporary solution. Longva noted that the hangars will be ready by 2020 when 22 F-35s are deployed. The Orland Air Base has been used for civilian purposes to this day and there are no reinforced-walled hangars there. The Norwegian Parliament spared a budget in June, recognizing the need for these hangars. Thanks to the hangars, the planes are kept ready to fly at any moment. The first basic maintenance for the aircraft is being done here, the planes are protected from possible air attacks and the ammunition are loaded onto the aircraft. Norway spends at least six months of the year under snow. The Norwegian government is planning to supply 52 F-35s.

Issue 82