F-35A Combat Fleet On The Way

F-35A Combat Fleet On The Way 28 October, 2016

Turkish Defence Industry Executive Committee (DIEC) has gathered under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım at Undersecretariat of Defence Industry building at 2.00 pm. Chairing the meeting fort he first time, Prime Minister arrived at the building 15 minutes early. The meeting has been commenced following the arrivals of Chief of The Turkish General Staff Chief Marshal Hulusi akar and Minister of Defence Fikri Işık.
According to the written press release, 12 subjects were on the agenda, primarily Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. Seahawk helicopter modernization and naval platform acquirement subjects also drew attention as a part of Turkish Naval Force’s requirements. Another subject discussed at the meeting was Command Control Aircraft (CCA) Logistic Support Project.
In the scope of this project, privatization of logistic maintenance of CCA as it was integrated on to a civil-based aircraft and assigning Turkish Airways Technical company for this particular liability. Support program of Turkish Naval Force’s Long Horizon Project, Advanced Fishnet Project, Turkish Armed Force’s Cyber Defence Center (SISAMER), Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Coordination system Project, National Joint Electronic Warfare Databank Project, Ne Generation Light Armored Vehicle Power Group Development Project, Portable  Jammer System Acquisition Project and Electronic Seupport System Project were also on the agenda.
JSF Decision Prior to American –Turkish Council
DIEC, which was held prior to American-Turkish Council meeting to be held between 30 Oct – 1 Nov in ABD capital Washington DC, a significant decision was made regarding JSF aircraft. The news regarding beginning of Turkish F-35s production, which was announced by C4Defence two months ago, was confirmed in this meeting, and the expected delivery dates of the aircraft were disclosed as 2018. In their statement, DIEC told: “The second party acquisition was also settled and delivery dates were determined as 2021-2022.” Turkey ordered 14 aircraft until now, as 2+4+8. According to the information C4Defence attained, this second order covers a number of aircraft sufficient to form a new F-35 combat fleet in 2021. The second combat fleet is expected to be ready in 2023, the last aircraft to be delivered in 2031.
The first fleet will be commissioned in Malatya, Erhaç.


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