F-35A completes first live air-to-air ‘kill’ test

F-35A completes first live air-to-air ‘kill’ test 5 August, 2016

F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office announced that The F-35 Lightning II launched an air-to-air missile and directly hitting a drone over a military test range off the California coast July 28. U.S. Air Force test pilot, Maj. Raven LeClair, employed an AIM-9X missile from an F-35A's external wing against an aerial drone target in restricted military sea test range airspace. Test data and observers confirmed the F-35 identified and targeted the drone with its mission systems sensors, passed the target 'track' information to the missile, enabled the pilot to verify targeting information using the high off-boresight capability of the helmet mounted display (HMD) and launched the AIM-9X from the aircraft to engage the target drone. After launch, the missile successfully acquired the target and followed an intercept flight profile before destroying the drone, achieving the first F-35 Air-to-Air kill. During previous test shots a self-destruct signal had been sent to the missile prior to it hitting the target.

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